Saturday, February 18, 2017

DIY: Converting a Jumper Into a Short Set

There's nothing worse than finding the perfect print and finding that it's a little too short. Or not practical in real life.

Thankfully if you have a sewing machine and you like being creative, you can almost always salvage a poorly conceived clothing item by reconstructing or reinvisioning it.

Detail of the finished ruffled lace shirt and short set.


What's your favorite reconstructed clothing project?

Monday, February 06, 2017

Taking a Stand for Your Beliefs

Since November I've started and stopped many drafts about how I feel about the current state of American politics.

I'm mad. I'm angry. I'm pissed off. And I've been mad, angry, and pissed off since I was 7 and told God had made a mistake giving such a brain to a girl as it would be wasted.

And as the weeks have gone by, I've gotten madder. Angrier. More pissed off than I have ever been before.

Laying Out Quotes on the Page


I've battled against conventions whispering then screaming in my head: Never discuss Money, Politics, or Religion in public or polite conversation.

And I'm tired. Tired of being quiet. Tired of waiting politely for my turn. Tired of being frustrated that a world where all humans have the same rights to life (health, food, and shelter), liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is nothing more than a pipe dream or a hope.

So I'm going to stop skirting around the subject--the elephant in the room.

I'm going to talk politics. Today and in the future. In person, on social media, and here.

I'm going to share how we're trying to raise a daughter committed to taking a stand.

How are you taking a stand?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

One of the hardest things for me is "Show up." Whether I've been to an event or are attending for the first time, I always get anxious.

This week I'm headed back to Alt Summit--this time in Palm Springs at The Saguaro Hotel. So, in addition to packing, I'm working on my confidence game to step outside my comfort zone. My hope? Appear effortlessly at ease.

In Step with This Little Miggy Stayed Home and Design Mom at Alt Summit Summer 2014


Here are the six things I'm doing.

How do you psyche yourself up for stepping outside your comfort zone?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bravery Comes in All Sizes

Whatever you're anxious about, don't let anyone down play its importance to you. No one knows what path you've taken to this point.

So don't waste time trying to convince naysayers. Instead, look for past flashes of bravery in your life.

Westward Bound on Interstate 80 Just East of Elko Nevada


Was there anything you do now, that you once thought you couldn't do?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Showing Your Work (and Sharing Your Process)

Is it the journey or the destination that drives you?

Chris Sharma, an American rock climber, believes:
"If you're only happy at the summit. You're not going to be very happy often."

Almost Final Collage and My Workspace


Lately, I've started thinking more about enjoying the journey--the process--over rushing to complete a project. Which creates somewhat of a dilemma. Do I want to share starts and stops? Recipes that didn't quite turn out the way I'd anticipated. Sewing projects that can't easily be recreated by others.

What do you share: work in progress, just the final project, or a mix? Why?
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