Monday, October 13, 2014

The People Behind The Goods: Courtney Robinson Feider of Fig & Honey

Earlier this morning I introduced you to some new products from one of my favorite natural body goods and products line, Fig and Honey. Because I love their products, I wanted to kick off a new monthly Meet the Makers series: The People Behind The Goods with their founder Courtney Robinson Feider. Similar to The Good Life Snapshot interview series, I ask makers a series of questions about why they got started making and what advice they'd give to aspiring makers.


Why people make and how they get into starting their own business fascinates me. My mother was a mixed-media fiber artist so I grew up in an environment ripe for creativity: paper, yarn, brushes, looms, easels, and more were never more than a foot or two away from us. And, I've tried to replicate the same environment in our flat for Gates, encouraging her exploration with color and texture.

I'm always curious if other makers grew up in an environment similar to the one I thrived in, hence this new series. I hope you like it!

What questions would you ask the maker of one of your favorite products?

Review: Fig and Honey Natural Body Goods and Products

Wherever possible I try to use products that haven't been tested on animals, are good for the earth, and are non-toxic. So, I was especially excited to discover Fig and Honey this past June. Fig and Honey makes apothecary-style products using nutrient dense by-products from the beer and winemaking process, and the founder Courtney Robinson Feider uses her own products on her sensitive combination skin.


How do you choose the products you use on your skin and in your home?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Touring a McDonald's Supplier: Chiquita Fresh Express

SPONSORED POST: This is a paid post. The Road to The Good Life chose to work with McDonald's for their commitment to providing nutrition information about their food and offering families choices that accommodate allergens and stretch their budget dollars. I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions presented are my own.

McDonald's and healthy: two words that thanks to Super Size Me (*affiliate link) aren't words you immediately associate with one another. But have you been to McDonald's lately? Sure McDonald's still sells hamburgers and fries, but there are now smaller portions and healthier options available. Having grown up only eating hamburgers and fries at McDonald's it's rare that I try something new when I visit. That's changing starting now.

What's your favorite thing to order at McDonald's?


Last week I had the opportunity to join a few other bloggers, a couple of nutritionists, and some McDonald's franchise owner-operators on a tour at one of their suppliers, Chiquita Fresh Express. We met early at a McDonald's in San Jose and boarded a bus towards Salinas. The day made me aware of changes McDonald's was making in their menu to give customers more choice and the ability to make healthier choices. I don't think everyone should go out and only eat McDonald's, but if you're routinely grabbing a value meal that includes a hamburger, for your health you should opt for some of their other meals, like the grilled Premium Wraps.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Winning at Marketing and Blogging Conferences

Technology connects all of us and has made the world a much smaller place. But, there's still something about an in person meeting and connection we crave and seek out as humans. As a freelancer or often the sole Marketing person at a start up, I turned to conferences to find inspiration and likeminded creatives with whom I could brainstorm and collaborate.


By attending conferences I have met some incredible people, learned about some new tools I can use to be more efficient at work, and more. While obvious, I've also discovered not everyone goes to conferences for the same reasons or with the same expectations. Depending on why you're attending a conference and what you're hoping to get from it, you may be disappointed or you may be elated. I find many of the people I interact with are in the first camp--they're disappointed. I also find that many people don't see any long-term benefits. To avoid being disappointed and to see long-term benefits make sure you're not attending for one of my top three wrong reasons and follow five tips guaranteed to maximize your investment.

What conferences do you attend?
What are your goals for attending conferences?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Defining One's Style: No Nonsense with a Touch of Classic Femininity

My relationship with fashion has been one filled with tension and contradiction. I'd watch old movies with Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, and I want to be like them. Unabashed. In control of whatever room they walked into. Unafraid. Confident.


At the time, I formed an opinion of who they were as women from the clothes their characters wore. Later as I studied the women, reading biography after biography, I learned that they were trailblazers and actively shaped the clothing their characters wore. Attire mirrored and magnified their personalities. And even more than ever I wanted to be like them.

How do you define your style?
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