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I am a passionate, self-directed, high-energy professional with over 18 years experience delivering results in diverse environments across multiple industries, including Consumer Electronics, Food and Beverage, Retail, and Software. For 7 years, I have served as the voice of the company and acted as brand champion. I have 9 years startup experience including successful fundraising experience at early stage startups and experience transitioning from private/pre-IPO through acquisition or to public/IPO.

Why You Want to Work with Me

  • You want content that sounds like you, not a robot.
  • You want a supportive and engaged community while you build your product and company.
  • You want a partner who thrives amidst uncertainty and can change course with you, and, still get you from idea to execution to reality.
To see if working with me makes sense for you, either email me or call me at (415) 685-3336.
Please note that I'm unavailable to work on projects for the fourth week in January, for one week in July around the Fourth of July, and for both the last week of August and the first week of September.

How We Can Work Together

Starting and growing a business is a whirlwind of activity. You can accidentally forget to bring your community along for the ride. Let me be the glue that keeps your dream their dream.
I'll work with you and tailor how you share your dream by fitting storytelling into your routine. I'll transform your raw content, whether a few unedited text messages or a stream of consciousness in an email or on a voicemail, into a passionate, believable story in your voice.
Together we'll develop a content strategy that continues to build excitement. I'll serve up your ideas in easily digestible bites for use in collateral and email, on your blog and website, and across online advertising, social media, and events. I can then regularly share your stories on your founder's blog. (Don't have one? I'll help you create one.) Starting with the creator hard at work to the person performing the final quality check to your customers first experiencing your product, I'll personalize what makes your team and your products unique.
You're building our future today. Sometimes people can't make the leap from where they are now to the tomorrow you see. Let me bridge that distance by showing and telling your authentic stories.

What I Do and What I Believe


Starts with showing not telling with actions and words in an authentic voice that’s consistent across all channels. Authenticity means two-way communication, content optimized for each channel with team members actively listening. I help companies avoid shouting at their customers. I help companies hear and understand their customers.
  • Refreshed the corporate brand for a 22 year old network monitoring software and hardware company, including redesign of corporate website and retargeting of collateral to educate current customers on new product line and position company as trusted partner not tool provider.
  • Owned brand identity for a multimedia startup. Led naming initiative; worked with Legal to update Articles of Incorporation and acquire trademarks; managed external design firm to create logo and launch website.
  • Identified untapped niche market for a Thai restaurant franchise, repositioning Thai food from inexpensive casual dining to an upscale dining option enjoyed on special occasions and prior to going out to the theater. Crafted branding and created unique product and service offerings. Developed and wrote a cookbook. Conceived of open kitchen design to showcase chef.
  • Repositioned Texas Hill Country wines. Envisioned and launched a monthly dinner series to blindly introduce wines into Austin’s restaurants leading to their addition on wine lists.

Content Development

Gives a brand personality, infuses it with life. It begs consumers to interact, to love it or to hate it, but never to be indifferent. Every action, from a 140-character Twitter update to a slick brochure, needs to be considered as part of a whole and complementary.
  • Publish original home-, family-, food-, and fashion-focused content 1-3 days a week. Since November 2011, The Road to The Good Life lifestyle blog averages 35% return visitors and over 4 minutes average visit duration.
  • For the launch of La Crema Winery Pinot Gris, conceived of and produced a Girls Night In event designed to showcase varietal’s personality and introduce the wine. Crafted a menu of Thai food designed to bring out notes from the wine, which included the creation, testing, and development of a signature chilled carrot ginger soup.
  • Published bi-monthly newsletter to leads and customers for four years; managed editorial calendar and tie-ins with corporate blog and select media sites. Reduced bounce rate on blog from 51% to under 2% on the blog. Increased domestic web traffic 22% to corporate website solely through SEO and social media efforts at a time when other websites were struggling in the midst of Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.
  • Owned a global customer newsletter initiative, which consisted of three newsletters released quarterly in five languages. Increased open rates from less than 5% to almost 30%, and reduced unsubscribe rates from over 70% to under 1%.
  • Set global marketing roadmap, developing a marketing communications calendar to optimize inbound and outbound marketing activities. Introduced a repeatable process for generating fresh content monthly that supported coordinated themed activities across the website, social media channels, email marketing campaigns, direct mail, and live events. Increased monthly webinar attendance 1,800% and shifted audience from primarily customers to 40/60 mix of customers and prospects.
  • Refocused messaging and content for an early Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offering from product-focused to pain-point resolution. Updated corporate brand and content along with a redesigned corporate website increased average daily traffic 400%.
  • Produced promotional two-minute video for fundraising that showcased tangible benefits of a fully developed and installed multimedia framework.
  • Identified online and offline places where a high concentration of potential customers went and successfully launched a website and open source project through a combination of flyers and online banner ads. Was responsible for messaging, content, and community awareness.
  • Handled customer and community outreach for an open source project. Identified local user group meetings and speaking opportunities. Sponsored special interest groups and published monthly newsletter.

Product Definition

Begins with people. Great products can go undiscovered or unused if people can’t see themselves using them or have to figure out for themselves how the product will benefit them. Get out in front of your consumers early, include them in the process, and iterate quickly.
  • Produce and teach an online Thai Flavors: Introduction cooking class at designed to remove the mystery surrounding Thai ingredients and encourage experimentation.
  • Brought to life a three-star Michelin restaurant, Blanchisserie Americain, modeled after The French Laundry, in the back of a box truck at The First Lost Horizon Night Market in San Francisco (Laughing Squid; Telstar Logistics).
  • Oversaw look and feel of products for a multimedia company. Created prototype user interface with Photoshop and collaborated with Engineering to deploy and test. Selected open source license for product and coordinated academic partner outreach. Worked with external infrastructure team to launch Confluence/JIRA website.
  • Developed a series of informational webinars to inform community members, reduce support calls, and identify potential customers. Determined behavioral triggers for telemarketing or sales follow up and reduced average sales cycle.
  • Initiated and led focus groups to identify feature requirements for a System-On-a-Chip software company's product suite, finding a flaw with product usage, and conceiving of and introducing a wizard for users. Reduced support calls.


Is crucial to adoption and continued use of a product or a service. People’s preferences and technology change fast and you need to be able to adapt quickly. Setting benchmarks and continually monitoring them ensures you’ll be able to move with them.
  • Evaluated marketing automation software options for lead nurturing at a network monitoring software and hardware company. Spearheaded company-wide data cleanse and business process reengineering effort. Deployed Marketo to increase effectiveness of programs and improve customer retention. Implemented process for rating incoming leads and refining lead scores based on actual sales.
  • Implemented NetSuite at a multimedia company for effectively tracking revenue back to originating demand generation campaign.
  • Worked with Sales at a network monitoring open source company to track additional information for identifying type of leads and for starting appropriate conversations: general education, support/product troubleshooting, or problem solving.

Sales Growth

Happens when branding and product align to meet the needs of a supportive community at the right time. It’s the result of art (communication through content) and of science (analysis).
  • Launched next generation network traffic recording appliance. Was responsible for setting strategy and determining online and print advertising vehicles to raise awareness and generate leads. Product accounted for 27% of total product revenue in first year.

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