Friday, December 21, 2007

Articles or Sites that caught my interest

Image Services

  • photobucket: A photo/video site where you can upload once and share everywhere - myspace, facebook, blogger, and more. (I don't personally use, but it looks cool.)

  • Behind the scenes at Shutterfly's secret workshop: CNET article about what goes on behind the scenes at Shutterfly. Take a look at the production line for album assembly!

  • PhotoShelter: While it's a great site for inspiration, it's actually a stock photography site. Photographers can upload and sell photos and designers (and others) can purchase images for their work.

  • morgueFile - Where Photo Reference Lives: Site "provide[s] free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits." Anyone can upload photos. It's a great way to get feedback on your work. I have some of my stock images up there; look for images by ehensley.

Photography in General

  • Going to the mat for photo copyrights: CNET interview with photographer Lane Hartwell, a photographer whose image was used in the Web 2.0 mocking video "Here Comes Another Bubble" without credit.


  • The Buyer's Guide To: Camera Bags: Camera bag reviews with photos of what each can hold.

  • Lightscoop: This is the must have gadget for eliminating lens shadows from photos taken with pop-up flash and zoom lens. I don't always have room in my bag for my flash unit and light box - this is a great alternative!


  • What Kind of Genius Are You?: Discussion of Galenson's economic theory that two kinds of genius exist: Conceptualist ("quick and dramatic") or Experimentalist ("careful and quiet").