Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Typeface Tuesday: Round Up of Rugs Featuring Typography

A couple of weeks ago, I began tackling the unpacking of our bedroom. Now, I'm considering a throw rug to make the space cozier. This might be a space where typography would work. Today I round up some of the currently available script options.
The Master Bedroom: A Blank Slate
When we moved into The Station (our name for our Railroad flat), I'd set a goal of a room a month. How'd I do? Well, we've been in our flat since early May and it's now almost November, so six rooms should be complete (the entire flat basically). The Kitchen is complete: one room. Gates' nursery is almost complete (all that remains to do is to hang black out curtains): two rooms. Bathroom is organized: three rooms. 50% there! Finally, I get to focus on decorating our bedroom!
I had an exercise this summer in my Do What You Love for Life ecourse that had us thinking about and sharing the spaces where we get inspired. One space for me is the kitchen table and another the desk in our front parlor (at least until I unpacked a box on top of it and got distracted). The corner of our bedroom where two large windows meet will be the third space. All three areas have a lot of natural light.
Sneak Peek: A Corner of Our Bedroom
The bedroom has always been one of my favorite spots in my home. Until my studio on Harrison, my bedroom had been free of a TV. (We use a TV as an external monitor to watch streamed movies and series (Downton Abbey anyone?).) A bedroom was a place to retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle, to escape to new lands via books, and to reflect (blog). Our room has a nice area at the foot of the bed where I've always imagined a cozy seating area.
Unlike the living room and dining room, we don't have a lot of noise in this room. By noise I mean loud vibrant colors. My charcoal drawings are matted with gray and hung in silver finish frames. My underbed and underfurniture storage suitcases are also monochromatic, a range of blue and blueish gray. So this would be an ideal place to toss in a typography accent.
The options I found for rugs tend to fall into two camps: romantic and contemporary. With the window coverings I've chosen and started to hang, romantic is probably the way I'd go for our space. Also for the space, I'd prefer a script font. (I'll share the contemporary options in the next Typeface Tuesday post.)

The Bistro rug is a nod to our love of cooking and food. It comes in a variety of sizes (2'x3' at $49, 3.5'x5.5' at $139, 5'x7.5' at $279, 8' square at $489) and three color options. If we went with this design for the bedroom, I'd choose Slate Gray. I like that it's easy to clean, but I'm not sure how that would feel in my bare feet. So I think it would work better in our kitchen to add emphasis to the dining area. There, I'd choose Slate with Red. Another option I found is a fable, La Cigale et la Fourmis, written by Jean de La Fontaine about an ant and a grasshopper. The script comes in either tan or black. I prefer the tan for a cozier space. It's also an indoor/outdoor rug so not sure what the texture feels like. If our last name started with an N, the wool a to z rug from CB2 would be perfect. (The orange matches one of the colors in my Geisha doll's kimono.) It would be great if this rug were customizable. While these options work with my budget of $400, I don't love them for the bedroom, or for my thinking spot. So...it's back to the drawing board.
Where's your favorite spot?
What about it draws you to it?
To everyone on the east coast cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy, I hope your favorite spot is cozy, warm, and dry.
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.