Monday, April 15, 2013

A Good Life Snapshot: Haeley of Design Improvised

I met so many amazing women at Alt Summit SLC in January. In addition to all having blogs, we had more in common. We all needed more hours in the day. We all were learning to focus on what was most important and to let go of the other things. It was incredible getting to met the women behind the blogs and hear their stories. What struck me most was how real everyone was/is, and I wanted to introduce you to some of the women I met there and share snapshots of their good lives.
Each month I'll be featuring one of my friends, in A Good Life Snapshot. I decided to kick off this series with Haeley of Design Improvised.

Haeley and I first met online in a Facebook group for Alt Summit attendees, and then in person at The Hello Social held before the official kick off to Alt. In a sea of people, it was nice to see a friendly face. I chose Haeley to kick off this new monthly series, because on her blog she focuses on creating memories for and with her girls. She shares simple projects with big impact. Like me, she believes your surroundings should reflect who you are and she creates spaces with chic, affordable pieces that incorporate personal accents.

Please join me in welcoming Haeley as she shares a snapshot of her life. -Eden
1. How do you define The Good Life?
Finding the balance that works best for you between your family life, professional goals, and your personal passions.
2. Do you think it's possible to pursue The Good Life? Why or why not?
Definitely, as long as you recognize there will be good days and bad days! For me, being home with my girls (Stella 3, Hazel 21 months) while they are young is an important part of what I consider The Good Life, but it can also be exhausting. My home is often messier than I would like and there are never quite enough hours in the day. I think The Good Life is not necessarily living the perfect life, but getting closer to discovering what it is about life that makes you truly happy - and being OK making trade-offs in other areas to focus on those.

3. Do you think you have The Good Life? If yes, when did you learn this?
On most days, yes! I feel very blessed to be able to stay home with my girls and watch them grow. My life is much different now that it was 3 years ago. Prior to starting a family, my job was my life. I spent 7 years as a management consultant. The job was professionally challenging and rewarding, but more than anything, it was incredibly stressful. Making the decision to quit my job to start a family was my first step towards The Good Life. Starting my blog Design Improvised as an outlet for me to pursue my personal passions and still preserve some of my professional identity has been an important second step.
For me The Good Life is now about having a few quiet moments in the morning to have a cup of coffee while catching up online, watching my girls play together and admiring them discover new things, finding a couple hours in the day to dedicate to my blog, getting excited about a new DIY project I want to try, and ending the day with my husband over a glass of wine and our favorite TV shows.

4. How has blogging helped you recognize The Good Life?
At Design Improvised, I blog about simple projects you can do to make a big impact in your home. Making our home and family gatherings a little extra special is a big part of The Good Life for me. I have loved creating things for as long as I can remember. Blogging has added another layer of richness to it all by allowing me to share my ideas with others and encourage my readers to try out the projects in their own home.
I see my blog as the driving force that can help me transition from my consulting background to a new career that combines my creative passions with my business skills. Without my blog, making that leap would be a lot tougher.

5. Do you have any tips you'd like to share with others?
Dedicate yourself to the 1-2 things you really truly love doing and continue to push yourself to grow in that direction. If you find a way to make an income from doing something that you would most like to be doing on a weekend, you are on the right path! The vast majority of my blog work happens after my girls are in bed for the night. There is no way I would be able to keep it up if it wasn't something I would choose to do over all else. There are only so many hours in the day. Fill those hours with the things you love most.

Live in San Antonio, TX?
Let Haeley know your favorite places to eat, to shop, and more.
She and her family are moving there.

Ciao Bella!
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Credits: All layouts designed by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life. All images taken by Haeley Giambalvo of Design Improvised and used with permission. A Good Life Snapshot is a monthly series featuring a DIY or lifestyle blogger I follow and who I admire.