Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Remembering Our First Kiss

There are some moments in a relationship that are life changing. Often they mark a turning point. If you journal (or blog) you're able to recognize the significance when you look back. And, sometimes when the beauty of the moment hits you, you need to share that moment with others.

Our Wedding Programs

Not everyone who attended our 10/10/10 wedding knew cubes and my love story. I decided to solve this by turning our programs into a mini-book complete with chapters. I published the first few chapters on our website as a teaser and left the more poignant chapters for the day of the wedding. One moment that was shared both on the website ahead of time as well as in the program was the story of our first kiss.

Chapter 10: "The Kiss"

Sometimes a story is best told directly by one of the actors - not retold but raw from the heart. This is one of those times. You see the girl and boy had been sharing dinners together for a month and a half. Sure there were the casual, awkward kisses good night. And well we won't bore you with those details here. Suffice it to say after each date, the girl would lament to the other girl that they were just friends. The other girl and the other boy knew better and told the girl to go for what she wanted. The Kiss is the result.

From the girl's journal, May 7th, 2009:
Last night felt like a scene out of a movie. No not the type where girl discovers true love only to have him die or vice versa (City of Angels, Nights in Rodanthe, Message in a Bottle, etc.). I mean the type where girl gets the unexpected.
So imagine a girl who still knows nothing about guys, getting enough nerve to actually ssk the guy she's interested in if he's interested back. Yeah... the girl's not waiting and not avoiding the question and hoping by avoiding the question she gets the answer she wants. In this scene the girl - incredibly nervous and tongue-tied - does the unexpected, asks the guy if he's interested in her as a friend or maybe more.
Now let's set the scene. Boy and girl are in the kitchen, each standing on the opposite side of the counter when girl asks boy (imagine girl completely tripping over her words). Turns out boy is just as nervous as girl. Boy doesn't reply with a straight answer immediately, he's trying to see what girl is thinking. Girl replies why he turned his head when she thought he'd try and kiss her. Boy replies that he wasn't sure she was interested because she didn't kiss him back the first time. Boy tells girl he can't read her. Girl replies she can't read him either. (Good thing one of their friends can read both of them and creates opportunities for the two to end up by themselves.) Boy and girl end up kissing over the counter. Boy asks girl if she felt anything. Girl replies um yes, you? Boy replies with another kiss.
Now I'm sure I've seen a scene like this out of a movie. What took me by surprise wasn't that it reminded me of a movie. What surprised me was that I asked the question I really didn't want an answer to (I always assume I'll get a negative answer) and instead I got the answer I hoped for and more.

Our Wedding Programs

May 6th, 2009 was the night that the girl and boy stopped dating with a little 'd' and started dating with a big 'D.'

Do you remember your first kiss?
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