Thursday, September 23, 2021

Join Me for #SeeYourOrdinary this October 2021

31 Prompts for SeeYourOrdinary Instagram Challenge divided into four themes. First, about me: 3 things, reflection, heart, hope, book, inspiration, and favorite food. Second, about town: landmark, hidden, offbeat, road, open, closed, skyline, and blocked. Third, the common: scaffold, weed, crack, glass, tree, door, wood, and window. Fourth, the uncommon: unfettered, moving, free, still, home, space, and thread.

Fall can be a time of new beginnings. A time for taking a second look at your everyday surroundings and really seeing what is or isn't working for you.

And our #SeeYourOrdinary Instagram Challenge can be part of that process.

Will you be joining us this year?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Measuring homeschooling success with rubrics

Two assessment rubrics--one a student self-assessment and the other a project-based assessment--stacked on top of each other alongside a pencil.

No one starts their homeschooling journey completely sure of themselves. Sure former teachers may have an edge, as they're already familiar with rubrics, learning objectives, standards, and more. But, they're probably not well versed in the standards for their kids' grade level. All of us need to meet our kids where they are and find out what works for them and us.

After a few months of trial and error (and lots of reading!), we came up with a set of rubrics that work for us: a student self-assessment and a project-based assessment. "A rubric is a type of scoring guide that assesses and articulates specific components and expectations for an assignment (source:" These tools may work for you or they may not; feel free to take them or leave them.

What do you use to measure your child's progress?

Sunday, March 04, 2018

New? Start here.

Welcome! Nice to meet you!

I’m Eden, a third-generation Californian. Together my husband, 7.75 year old daughter, and Maine Coon/Ragamuffin rescue cat, are making 849 sq ft in a 100 year old Edwardian a home in San Francisco. We're defining The Good Life with haves not wants.

Eden and cubes as photographed by Gates Hensley Silverstein


What's your story?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Choosing to Go Natural

In this space, I strive for my online persona to be a slice of my real self. That means I try to be open and vulnerable.

I want readers who meet me in person to feel like they’re meeting the same person they imagined when they interacted with me online. A task, by the way, that's not as easy as one would think.

My Traveling Companion, Alt Summit Conference 2017, Palm Springs, CA


So, not being afraid to be myself is something I take very seriously. To match up words I share with my daughter to my actions, right before the New Year I decided to do something bold.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Starting a 100 Day Project for Your Well Being

(updated 01/08/2020) Want to know the greatest gift you can give yourself? No expectations. Easier said than done, right? A 100 Day Project can help.

For 100 days, you do the same thing--one hundred line drawings, one hundred street rubbings, one hundred hand lettered quotes, and so on. And you share your progress.

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, followed by (*affiliate link). An affiliate link identifies this site. If you make a purchase based on my recommendation, I may receive money. I only feature products that I own or that I am considering purchasing. All opinions presented are my own. None of your personal information is shared with me.

Stockpiled Mulberry, Unryu, Kozo, and Mango fiber and inclusions paper for crafting


While you can start a 100 day project at anytime, The100DayProject organized by Ann Russ and Catherine Benda runs from January through April each year and Elle Luna's 100 Days Project runs from April through July each year. So there are lots of people working on letting go of expectations, and you get lots of support.

Are you participating in a 100 Day Project?

Here's how I'm trying to give myself freedom from expectations.

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