Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Bedside Reading: Where Women Create

Everyone needs a space that is uniquely theirs, even in a shared household. I'm pouring over my latest bedside reading (Where Women Create and Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration: In the Studio and Behind the Scenes with Extraordinary Women) for ideas on shaping my workspace.
A Quiet Corner
My office at our old apartment, a 3' x 6' space carved out of my closet, was all but forgotten with Gates' arrival.
My Closet Office
A couple of weeks ago, while at my parents' house, I noticed a couple of interior design books: Where Women Create and Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration: In the Studio and Behind the Scenes with Extraordinary Women.
Some ideas for organization gleaned from these books include:
  • "Have what you use most within reach." - Danita
  • Store supplies and materials according to color so that you can find what you need for a project right away. - Bonzie
  • "Keep everything related to [a] particular piece together [to make] it easy to come back to at a later time." - Bonzie
  • In shared spaces, make it a habit to put supplies away each and every time you create. - Connie Govea Stuart

Sneak Peek: Our Office
Now that we've moved, we have a much larger workspace, an area larger than my first studio apartment in San Francisco. The Skandia shelving unit has been set up and waits ready to be filled with books and notions. While I haven't yet fully organized our combined office, I already have enjoyed blogging from the desk and looking out the front windows.
How do you get and remain inspired?
Happy Reading!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life. Bedside Reading is a monthly series, published the first week of each month (Monday for family-related picks, Tuesday for fashion, Wednesday for home, Thursday for food, and Friday for design), featuring books, magazines, or blogs that I enjoy.


  1. I agree! I used to share an office, desk & pc with my ex-hubby. He was in there all night so my use was limited to if I had something very specific to do. Now that I have my own workspace, I write more, blog more and play with images more. I have a small living space so I carved out a corner of my bedroom as a workspace. Bills and other non creative office files are tucked away in those 1/2 size file boxes in a closet since I don't need them every day so that the space feels more creative and less bill payment center.

    Beautiful space and shelving! Can't wait to see the "after after".

  2. Storing your bills and other office files in another space is a great tip for keeping a small space inspiring.


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