Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Around Our Home: Easy on the Eyes Storage Options

It's been awhile since I showed you our home. As we get ready for Family Dinners at The Station as well as our first seder later in March, my focus has widened from my closet to the rest of the flat. It's time to finally get everything unpacked and put away.
Luggage Repurposed for Storage
I always seem to have more stuff than space; one can never have enough drawers for clothes. This perennial lack of storage space led me to come up with creative solutions that kept my space from looking cluttered or resembling the back of a store. For example, using vintage luggage and storing under my bed. (You may recognize the luggage from Gates' monthly portraits. My luggage pieces have always done double duty as props for photography as well as serving as everyday storage. I especially like the ability to lock pieces with items that aren't toddler safe (makeup, shoe cleaning supplies, and so on).
Keeping Inspiration and Office Supplies Organized
Another challenge I have with a mobile toddler is baby proofing my in-home office. This means I need to think creatively to keep frequently accessed items available and out of the reach of your toddler. My ammo belt that I originally sourced for using at Burningman to keep track of small items such as kleenex, lip balm, hand sanitizer wipes, and so on is perfect for containing paper clips, binder clips, and rubber bands. (Not so effective for future campouts or Burningman events.)
How do you keep your craft and office supplies organized?
Repurposing a Kitchen Organizer
Now that I've been working out of The Station, getting the office in order and keeping it in order is crucial to productivity. Various supplies, inspiration sources, and books are in various states of organization. Frequently I'll put something down where I think I'll remember putting it and be unable to find it for days. So... let me introduce the theme for March:
March is Spring Cleaning Month.
I hope you're as excited for the theme as I am. I've been looking forward to this theme for a few weeks now. As I'm in the middle of my Spring HavenotWant Challenge, I'll be sharing low-cost (or free) storage and organization solutions that I found or made from items already in our house. Who says you have to spend a lot of money for organization?
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life. Around Our Home is a monthly series, published the last Wednesday of each month, offering peeks into our home and sharing the decorators, products, and companies that inspire me.