Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moments: Vintage and Thrifted Treasures for All Worlds Fair

Last Friday, cubes and I had an evening out. We spent our evening dressing up in cream and black, grabbing dinner at Puerto Alegre, and attending the All Worlds Fair.
The Portal to the All Worlds Fair
It was exciting to be on the outside looking in, attendees rather than creators for the The All Worlds Fair. I enjoyed not having to listen to critics, but missed the adrenalin rush of working behind the scenes. Before the portal opened, we caught up with friends who also arrived early: Jason, Olga, and Renee. Olga joked that for me to get the true experience of being first into the portal I should have to elbow someone, preferably someone I know who is in on the joke, out of the way.
Ephemera from All Worlds Fair
The rules of the event stated no electronic devices. Agents had everyone put their phones into sealed pouches before entering. I liked the restriction as it allowed me to focus on fully experiencing the fair. Even without taking photos we still didn't see all of the worlds, missing at least four or more. The optimum strategy for us as we only had one night without Gates would have been to attend the first and the last showings of the night.
Plan B Outfit for All Worlds Fair
The coordinated outfits I'd planned to make for cubes and myself didn't happen in time. (I did make headway on cleaning out the office and excavating my sewing machine.) Luckily, we both had Plan B outfits. cubes sported a white shirt with cream tie and black jeans. I slipped into my favorite, Max Studio dress (thrifted from No on Valencia) that I never get enough opportunities to wear and my comfortable vintage Gloria Vanderbilt boots (an Etsy find purchased from 1919 Vintage).
How do you organize your closet?
Recently I began inventorying everything in my closet, photographing jewelry, shoes, coats, and more as part of my efforts to completely shop my wardrobe before buying something new. I'm finding items that cubes has never seen me in, or saw me wear once when we first started dating. I've been wearing some of the clothes when we go out for date night. While the clothes aren't new, they feel like they are, by how I feel and how cubes reacts when he sees me. (I like being able to surprise him by dressing up.)
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.