Monday, July 09, 2007

Self-Portrait Takes 2 Thru 7

Well not exactly... Self-Portrait Take 2 and Self-Portrait Take 5 (copyright issue with a scanned image of a Monopoly Board) were thrown out. They didn't satisfy the requirements (image from digital camera, image from a flatbed scanner, film image scanned by an agency, text entered in Photoshop) of the class and they didn't excite me. We also had to have an artist who inspired our style of self-portrait.

Which is your favorite? Take 1 (check it out here:; Take 3 - At the beginning of the day, it's all about possibilities; Take 4 - On the Road to the Good Life; Take 6 - Those Knights in Their Shining Armor; or Take 7 - An Exciting Life is Yours if You Dare. Take 6 and Take 7 take inspiration in style from Andy Warhol's self-portrait. Please comment!

I'm working on Take 8 - trying to force fit requirements into a self portrait that's more "traditional" in style.