Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Caught Up in One of Two Classes - Barely

Tonight I turn in my CDs of all work from this summer and then start trying to wrap up the coursework for my second class. While this class has been anything but fun - stressful, frustrating, you name it, I have learned more about Photoshop and my post-image processing skills have improved. I'm still going to go back through the exercises on my own at a slower pace - five weeks is too short a time to truly absorb the material.

Three images that I'm especially pleased with are:

  • The recolored and resharpened composite of Livewire Rocking The Blackthorn Pub.

  • The revised Livewire Summer 2007 Tour Brochure (image at the bottom of this post). (The original version suffered from out of gamut issues and did not print true to my vision.)

  • My final self-portrait (image at the top of this post).