Friday, August 24, 2007

Resetting expectations

As luck would have it I'm moving again. Yesterday it seemed as though nothing with this move was going right. Enterprise called to tell me that due to an IT glitch with their database, the cargo van I'd rented was overbooked. The apartment complex called to tell me the cabinets weren't quite done yet. My parents called to say they could only pick up the extra bedroom suite they wanted Saturday afternoon - a full-day before the boxes are scheduled to be cleared out of the way of the furniture. A friend pulled a muscle in his upper back so he'll be supporting me emotionally but not physically.

On the way to dinner with Thomas I was lamenting about this move. I realized at that point, none of my moves have gone "smoothly." This past move the movers called to tell me their truck broke down and had to reschedule. I also only had 4 day notice that my apartment would be unavailable. The move before I had to pack up and move a 4-bedroom house in less than a day. Moving is chaotic - it implies change.

I'm hoping this will be a more long-term relocation than the last move (13 months), but as a friend is fond of saying "Hope is not a Strategy." So instead of wasting time hoping, I'll focus my energies on the pluses of frequent moving:
  • A fresh start (and a really thorough cleaning)

  • A blank canvas upon which to draw and experiment with new interior design ideas

  • An opportunity to part with those items you no longer use that others can enjoy
I believe how you start determines how you'll do. This morning I carefully chose the first items that would go into my new apartment:
  • A photograph of Thomas and me

  • A photograph of my friends and me at one of Thomas's gigs

  • Sprite's favorite box bed, along with a few favorite toys - rubber bands and catnip mice - and treats

  • My favorite photograph of Thomas's band to remind me of patience

  • My friend's Feathers painting to remind me of fresh starts (it was the first painting of many he's sold)

  • A painting of the beach that my parents gave me

  • A friend's hammer to remind to not take myself too seriously

  • My sanctuary (candles, spa towels and bath potions) to remind me it's ok to slow down and relax

  • My grandmother's wok

  • My favorite cookbooks

  • My coffee grinder

  • My Kodak DC4800 to remind to enjoy the overall experience and not focus on details