Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Return to the Past

For our final project, we had to submit 6 images (if unmatted) that represented our best work from the semester. For a C, the requirement was that you could submit a combination of images you submitted for Assignments or Exercises previously in the semester. For a B or above, the requirement was that you improved upon submitted images in those that you chose. I chose one image that I'd submitted for a Recolor exercise as one of my best images. I had been inspired by Cristina Arce (a Costa Rican artist) to take this image further. In one of her images of a barrio she'd recolored and filtered a buiding. A classmate had taken a photograph in Europe and applied stripes of filters to change the vision. I leveraged each of their approaches to create my final image (the bottom image).

I'd started with an image of the condominium complex I live in. I took the photo as part of an assignment in the Spring involving shapes and patterns. I converted the image to black and white and then recolored it. I submitted the recolored image for the exercise. I wasn't particularly happy with it then, but it met the requirements for the exercise. (The photograph was taken in the early evening on a cloudless night so the sky was uninteresting.) When assembling my final portfolion, I revisited the image, added clouds from another image and applied the filters. I had the History capture functionality in Photoshop turned on but I'm not sure where the file was saved. As I didn't note which filters I used, that file would be helpful in future editing as I need to do more cleanup.