Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What I'm Reading ...


  • Digital Video: Jay Holben's regular column DV 101 is a treasure trove. Each month it's filled with helpful tips. In February's column titled "Picture Perfect: Monitor Calibration is an Often Overlooked Key to Attaining Expert Images," Jay reveals that "as [he] spent most of [his] career shooting 35mm film, [the fact that you can immediately see the image you're capturing when you shoot digital] was a novel discovery for [him]." I think amateurs sometimes take it for granted that professionals don't experience similar "AH" moments. While Jay was referring to video, I found myself relating as I'd felt the same wonder in transitioning from 35mm film stills to digital film stills. In addition to the insight that amateurs and professionals aren't so different, he focuses on monitor calibration - a step that can make or break your finished image. One tip that stood out "[t]he most vital thing to understand about evaluating your image on a monitor is that your eyes is extremely adaptable - and vulnerable - to changes in light and color in your environment. What may look great on the monitor in one environment might look horrible on the same monitor in another environment. It's very important to calibrate - that is, properly adjust - the monitor to your eye in each and every environment it resides."

  • American Photo: The combined January/February issue delivers images that inspire from it's 2nd Annual Images of the Year Competition.


  • Adorama - The Photography People

  • B&H Photo Video