Friday, February 08, 2008

Another photographer has images stolen

Again the images were taken from Yahoo!'s Flickr site. In this case, the images weren't used in press or for non-profit promotion. In this case, the images were uploaded to an online stock site, iStockphoto, and sold. For more information read Stephen Shankland's article on Webware (

Times are changing and technology that will make this type of theft harder is coming. Idee Labs has a solution (Piximilar) that matches images across collections and a service (PixID Image Monitoring Service) that tracks where images are appearing. With the US Copyright Office testing online submission for visual arts (and maybe developing an image database) think of the possibilities if Idee Lab's technology enabled stock photo sites to search for copyright violation upon upload.

Check out Idee Lab's BYO Image Search Lab where you can submit an image or URL and find similar images in Alamy.