Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eternal Spring 2008

Eternal Spring 2008 was billed as a display of "life, love, arts and creativity" and it delivered. This amazing all-day event - a fashion, arts and music show - came together in little over two short months. The team behind the event had one mission: "to bring arts, music, and performances to our community and to support our artists by giving them a venue, strong media coverage, community and industry awareness and a chance to showcase their work while gaining experience in selling, marketing, and performances."

Thanks Nika and Diva for the opportunity to participate! The atmosphere was invigorating!

I've just finished uploading over 1,500 images from the day and will be posting galleries over the coming week. As I process the galleries, they'll be available for viewing in the Eternal Spring 2008 share group.