Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now You See It ... Now You Don't

Add to the list of items to check for when shooting a group shot:

  • visible cell phones

  • rumpled shirt tails

It's the cavalier person who rushes a shoot with the belief that anything can be fixed later in Photoshop. When I'm shooting, I aim to "get it right" in camera. I want to spend as little time as possible sitting in front of a computer screen as given the choice I'd rather be out shooting. Sometimes though, good intentions aside, the shot's not right in camera.

The group I was photographing is a band that plays old-school funk and R&B. I'd planned to change the color of some of the bleached jeans to a dark acid wash. While touching up the image, I noticed that I had overlooked a cell phone and a couple of rumpled shirt tails when we were in the club. I wanted a laid back, hip overall look for their photo and cell phones and rumpled shirt tails were not in my vision. Strategic use of the clone stamp tool and healing brush removed those items. Here are the before and after details:

To see the group shot, check out the band's MySpace page.