Friday, March 28, 2008

Don't blink now, you'll miss the action

Once again I had the opportunity to shoot fashion - a few hours ago at Fashion Victim 2: An Avant Garde Fashion Show at the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco.

In some aspects, shooting models is very much like shooting musicians. At the beginning of the event it's "hurry up and wait." During the waiting phase, you scout the space and test your angles and settings and observe and get to know the people. (Unlike shooting musicians where I tend to be the only photographer, with fashion you're surrounded and become part of someone else's shot. You also get to interact and learn as everyone compares styles/potential angles/techniques.) Once the event starts, it's almost over before it began - time almost stands still as you're lost in the moment. You're observing through your camera lens a portion of the event while simultaneously scanning for the next shot and thinking ahead to changes in zoom settings. And then, it's over - the designers and models come out onto the runway for the final walk and the lights come up.

I'll post images from last night's show over the next couple of days as well as my thoughts on my new Canon EOS 5D as this was my first shoot with the new camera.

Be sure to get your tickets to Higher Fashion at the Paramount May 3rd. Two of my favorite designers - Little Red Sparrow and Kayo will be there, as well as Danica Sena's Flamenco Group. If you love fashion and want to be inspired, check out FASHION RE-PLANT Magazine online.