Saturday, March 15, 2008

Images of Fashion Week in Paris from Bill Cunningham

Last month I had the opportunity to shoot fashion for the first time at Eternal Spring. Well not really, my first fashion shoot was of different clothes posed in still life for a Spanish lesson in high school and follow on shoots have been of posed still life clothing for insurance records (I'm always looking for an excuse to add creativity to the otherwise mundane). But, it was my first opportunity to shoot fashion in action and in a variety of styles - still life, portrait, and candid.

In today's online The New York Times, I stumbled upon an article (more like a photo blog) from Bill Cunningham, "April Can Wait". He's a photographer with The New York Times who covered fashion week in Paris from an alternate perspective - the Paris streets outside the shows. His photos combine various styles - portraits and candids - and include street scenes as well as clothing details. Many of my favorite images that I've accumulated for inspiration are fashion images. In high school, I inherited Vogue, W and other magazines from brokers I worked with at Sotheby's Realty. What I liked and what struck me about Bill's selection of images was how approachable he made fashion.

In my web travels I've come across some additional images from Eternal Spring 2008: