Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3 hours and 21 minutes to go 22.7 miles

Today started out with such promise. A gorgeous sunny day - an opportunity to drive the 1.25 hrs to work with the convertible top down through the foothills to the coast.

Sometimes, however, things don't go as planned. About 20 miles after I start out on my drive, a shiny object falls towards me. Seconds later, car shaking, smell of burning plastic wafting through the air, and plans are derailed. Flip on hazard lights, slow from just over 65 MPH while looking behind and to the right, praying that no one is going to rear-end me while I try to get off the road, and safely pull into the left-hand shoulder. Quickly get out of the car to see what's happened and discover right tire is shredded (see photo). Hop back in car, put up convertible top and call help.

  • 10:26 am: Leave home.

  • 10:35 am: Fill up the gas tank, open up the convertible top, and hit the road.

  • 10:57 am: Call USAA Roadside Assist.

  • 11:08 am: Call work to say not coming in today.

  • 11:13 am: Tow truck estimates they'll arrive in 55 minutes.

  • 11:22 am: Call tow truck service to see if they can arrive sooner.

  • 11:37 am: Call Larry Hopkins Honda to check if backordered tires have arrived yet. Discover maybe in another two weeks. Explain situation, Parts calls other dealers, still no tires in stock.

  • 11:44 am: CHP arrive to assist.

  • 11:46 am: Tow truck updates ETA - now 10 minutes away. Get back in car, pull car closer to the median, and wait.

  • 12:01 pm: Tow truck arrives. Driver helps me get into the tow truck, then loads my car up onto the flatbed.

  • 12:14 pm: Tow truck pulls off highway and finishes securing car. CHP heads off - their job done, another stranded driver safely rescued.

  • 12:19 pm: Arrive at PepBoys - one of the few mechanics with my sized tires in stock. (My Bridgestone Portenzas are still on backorder.)

  • 1:47 pm: Arrive back at home.