Saturday, September 06, 2008

NEWS: Print and Product Pricing Options Changed

Pricing and product options are effective as of September 6, 2008.

Matt and Glossy Finishes Discontinued
I will no longer be offering matte and glossy finishes; only lustre will be available through the online gallery. From SmugMug's Help, "lustre has a satin-like sheen and a modestly textured surface which you can see when the light angle is just right. Lustre paper is .71 mils thicker than gloss and matte." I prefer the feel and look of Kodak Endura to the Kodak paper used for the matte and glossy prints.

Electronic Delivery thru SmugMug Online Gallery Only
Delivery of digital files through email or FTP has been discontinued. Files can be purchased individually through the online gallery (available immediately upon payment) or on CD (available within 2 to 3 weeks of payment). CD with up to 100 high resolution JPEG images is still available for $50 plus sales tax and shipping. Additional images in increments of 100 can be added to the CD for $20 plus sales tax.

Lower Personal Use Licensed Download Prices

  • Hi-Res (4Mpix) is now 5 cents so that customers who prefer a glossy or matte finish can print the image at their preferred photo lab.

  • Low-Res (1Mpix) is now 1 cent to accommodate the high demand for watermark-free, low-resolution images for use on the web.

  • NOTE: Downloads of original images remains at $6.00.