Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tips: Looking perfect in your photos

Everyone wants to look great on their special day - whether a wedding, birthday party, anniversary party or another event. Whether you've hired a photographer for your event or not, be sure to have this repair kit in your car (and nearby for emergencies).
  • Pocket-sized lint brush for removing stray lint from linen napkins and stray hair from your shoulders

  • Gal-pal for removing those white deodorant marks that almost always appear

  • Portable stain remover for those inevitable spaghetti sauce spots and accidental red wine spills

  • Double-sided adhesive tape for taming collars, smoothing bulging button holes

  • Various sized/colored safety pins for securing bra straps to shirts, for hem repair, for temporarily replacing buttons, and more

  • Duct tape for hem repair (use short lengths of tape, smoothing them out as you place them on the inside of the fabric to avoid puckering) and for preventing heels or flats from slipping off feet

  • Clean nail polish for stopping snags in nylons from becoming a run (a second pair of nylons is also a good idea)

  • Brush or comb to fix hair if you get windblown

  • Hairspray

  • Powder and brush to remove shine

For events in clubs or with open bars - depending on how accident prone you are or how much of an accident magnet you are - bring an extra set of clothes. While these emergencies can be few and far between when they happen, they can spell the end of your night.
  • At a friend's wedding, a server carrying a tray of soup lost their balance and drenched a guest. She didn't have a spare set of clothes and left the wedding before the entree was served.

  • At a Christmas party for work, a co-worker accidentally spilled his entire Cosmopolitan down my dress during the cocktail hour. Luckily I had a top and jeans in the car - while no longer dressed up I was still able to enjoy dinner and dancing.

Ciao Bella!