Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Scene Today: Duck duck GOOSE

One morning I was distracted from my computer by loud honking. I turned to see a Canadian Goose land on top our building.
Canadian GooseCanadian Goose takes a rest on top of our building
Seeing the Canadian Goose reminded me of a toast I'd seen in a magazine a couple of days before that I'd liked.
Toast from Grey Goose A toast from Grey Goose
We're past New Year's, but I think this toast would be perfect for a New Year's Eve with friends or a birthday party:
"A Toast:
To nearest
To dearest
To the crew
To cahoots
To the ones who've been there
To the ones who'll be there
To dropping everything
To saying anything
To no judgements
To no doubts
To loyalty
To trust
To favors
To lifelongs
To been too long
To nothing's changed
To having history
To having your back
To moving away
To never too far
To growing up
To settling down
To your second family
Ciao Bella!
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Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.