Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dining Out: Mission Beach Cafe - November Menu

Last night we dined at one of our favorite spots, Mission Beach Cafe. In addition to scoring the last two pieces of Sour Cherry Pie (my all-time favorite pregnancy food - the perfect combination of sweet and sour), I had a hearty fall meal - soup and pot pie.

Dining Out: Mission Beach Cafe

Both cubes and I started our meal with the soup. The Heirloom Squash Soup - one of their vegan offerings - was topped with Douglas Fir Oil, Dates, and Toasted Rye. This was the best presentation of this soup in my opinion. The sweetness and chewiness of the dates complemented the crisp taste of the fir oil and texture of the rye while enhancing the squash flavor. cubes guessed dates right away. I thought they might have been stewed persimmon.

For our main course, I chose the Rabbit Mini Pot Pie (an appetizer, but a perfect portion for me) and cubes went for the Prather Ranch Burger with Foie Gras. Two items that Mission Beach Cafe is known for.

Out of the three years we've been frequenting the restaurant, this was my first time trying the pot pie. As the flaky pie crust is made with butter when I'm not pregnant this is off limits to me. (I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying being able to eat dairy and getting my fill of ice cream and pepperoni pizza with cheese.) The pot pie was baked to perfection. The filling was moist but never was the crust soggy. The balance of crust to filling was spot on. Luckily for cubes, I wasn't able to finish it all so he was able to enjoy a few bites as well. The carrots that the pot pie were paired with were a little to al dente for me, just a few more seconds on the heat and they would have had snap but been easier to slice with a knife. (My first attempt to cut a bite sent part of the carrot flying across my plate.)

My meal was so filling that I had to take my two slices of sour cherry pie to go. Never fear though, by 9:30 pm I'd polished off the first slice.

Bon Apetit!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.