Friday, December 23, 2011

Working with Fonts: Picking a San Serif font for Gates' Monthly Snapshot

Earlier this month I came up with the idea of creating a 7x7 photo book of Gates' first 24 months. I think I've finally narrowed my picks for the last of the other two San Serif fonts to two choices:

Big Noodle
Font Friday: Big Noodle

and Telegrafico. Both have very different personalities.
Font Friday: Telegrafico

Which is your favorite: Big Noodle or Telegrafico?

Here's what each font looks like in the layout with the Serif font I chose: Berylium. (Remember that my inspiration for the layout of each page came from a package of tea which has one Serif font and two San Serif fonts.) I'm not sure which font treatment I like better. What's your preference? Big Noodle with Berylium or Big Noodle with Telegrafico?

Big Noodle with Berylium

Telegrafico with Berylium

Both Big Noodle from Sentinel Type and Telegrafico by Salvo Nicolosi are available for free for personal use from (The other San Serif font used in the layout (not shown) is Tall Films by GemFonts, also available for free for personal use from

Happy Designing!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life. Font Fun is a monthly series showcasing a roundup of free fonts or featuring a free printable with a favorite font.