Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Scene Today: SpriteKat

We share our apartment with a four-legged ball of fur - a Maine Coon Cat named SpriteKat. I take that back, she grants us permission to live in her domicile.
Sunday Snuggles

SpriteKat has been in my life since 2006, when I dreamed her into existence. I wrote down the description of a cat I wanted into a lease and within a week, I found SpriteKat (the living replica of the cat I described) on a rescue site. She was abandoned by her first owners when they moved and had been living on the street for approximately six months, without any front claws. When the first shelter in Modesto found her, her fur was a tangled mess. She was transferred to San Carlos, a no-kill rescue facility, and adopted. Unfortunately for her, her first forever home tried to sell her on Craigslist. Luckily for me the rescue facility found her again.

Why did I fall in love with SpriteKat? Her personality. Every morning at the rescue facility, the workers would find her out of her kennel, curled up on the front desk. Replaying the video tapes revealed that SpriteKat was an escape artist as well as a tease. She'd walk up to the other kennels, casually let her tail fall in, swish it back and forth until the other cat(s) came pouncing. I knew right then that she'd be a great companion.

I should be careful what I wish for though. SpriteKat five years later is still full of energy and mischief. Her favorite mischief? Trying to eat our food. SpriteKat is a junk food addict. She loves Fritos chips, thinks she needs Taco Bell, drinks Peppermint tea as if it's water, and adores carbohydrates - especially Sour Batard and Saltine crackers.

Do you have pets that rule your household?

Happy Sunday!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.