Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dining Out: Mission Beach Cafe - January Menu

Good news for anyone who missed New Year's Eve dinner at Mission Beach Cafe; their January menu features three of their NYE courses!

Mission Beach Cafe: January 2012 Menu

cubes and I decided we'd get a plethora of starters and appetizers for our meal. We both started with the soup of the day, a cream of mushroom topped with truffles and truffle oil. The soup was delicate, not heavy like some cream-based soups can be, and rich. I love mushrooms and enjoy when their flavors are allowed to shine; this soup did just that.

For our appetizers, we chose four: Beet Salad (bottom right photo in the collage above), Brussel Sprouts (bottom left photo in the collage above), Braised Lamb, and Dungeness Crab Cake (top right photo in the collage above). The Beet Salad, the Braised Lamb, and the Dungeness Crab Cake were the courses from New Year's Eve that we couldn't pass up. (Because the menu is seasonal, you never know what might not be there on your next visit. We opted for getting everything, which for me turned out to be too much food, but means I'll have an amazing lunch!) The Beet Salad was a more refined presentation of the NYE course. Sour and sweet tones were in harmony, and the creme fraiche (not included in this preparation) was not needed to cut the sugar. Definitely a dish I'll have again. The Dungeness Crab Cake lived up to the high expectations set on NYE, moist and flavorful. I was disappointed that I was too stuffed to have more than one bite. (My portion of Brussel Sprouts and Braised Lamb were taken home for me to enjoy at lunch.)

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera to dinner last night, so no full-size photos on Flickr today. If you love Dungeness Crab cakes, you won't want to miss Mission Beach Cafe's appetizer.

Bon Apetit!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.