Friday, January 20, 2012

Font Fun: Impact Label

Ever since I received the latest Pottery Barn catalog, I've been thinking about how to label storage as we move things around and put them away into vintage luggage, baskets, and crates. So today's font - Impact Label - takes it's inspiration from the Dymo Label Makers of the 1970s.

I loved the sound our Dymo Label Maker made as letters clicked into place and formed words on the tape. After recording a movie or TV show, my dad painstaking labeled each case of our Beta and VHS tapes with the names of each program contained within. I was never as rigorous, and episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine often got mixed up with TV shows I had no interest in keeping.

Impact Label, an all caps font, was designed by Tension Type in 2008 and comes in two styles: Regular (195 glyphs) and Reversed (198 glyphs). The font family is available for free from Font Squirrel.

How do you keep your stuff organized?

Happy Designing!
Credits: Organized storage ideas from Pottery Barn. Collages created by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life. Font Fun is a monthly series showcasing a roundup of free fonts or featuring a free printable with a favorite font.