Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thursday Tools: Pinterest

How do you keep track of your electronic inspiration? Copying images to your computer? Or printing images and sticking in a scrapbook or folder? I use Pinterest - a virtual pinboard (or scrapbook).

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On Pinterest, I collect vintage clothes from my favorite female designers - Anne Fogarty, Toni Lynn, Helen Rose, Hannah Troy. I pin furniture and rooms from my dream house - My Dream Bedroom, My Dream Dining Room, My Dream Kitchen, My Dream Living Room, My Dream Office. I organize projects - Let's Make, Let's Entertain, Let's Get Organized.

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What do you pin?

Tips for Pinning Images

A few etiquette guidelines to keep in mind if a website, blog, or online magazine doesn't have a Pin It button when you're pinning:
  • Check the site's permissions or sharing guidelines. If the site's guidelines aren't clear - don't pin just yet, contact the owner first.
    For example, on Decor8, you can find this in the footer on every page, "Please do not use anything without permission or without noting its origins on your blog or website." More detailed guidelines are listed on a separate The Disclaimer page. Creature Comforts also notes their guidelines in their footers, "Sharing of information from this site is acceptable for non-commercial purposes provided that proper crediting links are included." You can find guidelines, titled "My Photographs," for A Creative Mint at the bottom of the right hand column of each page. "Feel free to blog my photos but please link back to this page." Frolic! also places their guidelines, titled "Blog Policy," at the bottom of the right hand column of each page. "[P]lease always credit the original source when re-posting to your blog, Pinterest, Tumblr, or any other site. You can find the original sources at the bottom of each post in italics. Please also credit with a link back to Frolic!."
    • For original content, if the guidelines permit sharing, pin away. Remember to link to the source and credit photographer, stylist, etc. in your pin.
    • For content by others, reviewed or discussed on the site you're viewing, visit the website, blog, or online magazine where the original came from. If the guidelines permit sharing, pin from the original, crediting photographer, stylist, etc., and optionally, include a note about where you found the work initially.
  • On Flickr, always check the license first - even if Share this preferences are turned on (you'll see icons for Email, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr).
Happy Pinning!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.