Monday, June 25, 2012

Dining Out: Sushi Bistro on 24th

Saturday night we ventured down 24th in search of sushi; we were looking forward to our first night out as a couple since Gates was born. As usual, Sushi Bistro was the happening spot. We decided to do things a little different -- go with specialty rolls -- rather than order our stock favorites.
Dining Out: Sushi Bistro on 24th
It's often said the best guest is the one you wish didn't have to leave so soon; this was definitely true of Arwa and Todd. I was sad to see them leave last night. While here they treated us to not one but two meals out without Gates and a night out on the town (which for me turned into a full night's sleep).
Dining Out: Sushi Bistro on 24th
We started out date night with drinks at Pops which is across the street from Sushi Bistro (we even got to see the game ending catch that sealed the win for the Giants over the A's). When our table at Sushi Bistro was ready, the host gave us a call. This is a super cool service: directs business to other local businesses and frees up the sidewalk in front of the restaurant so that people go in thinking there's no wait. Win win all around.
Our wait was a short twenty minutes which flew by. We started off our meal with a cold unfiltered sake; my first sake in over a year. For appetizers, we had pickled cucumbers (I really need to learn how to make this myself) and sashimi: Hamachi (Yellowtail), Maguro (Tuna), and Sake (Salmon).
We choose Magic Mushrooms and Spicy Girl for our first courses. Both of us loved the flavor profile of the Magic Mushrooms but thought the preparation of the pesto was mealy in texture. Of everything we ate, Spicy Girl was our hands down favorite; the dish reminded me of a tartare in presentation. Order 2. Half of this dish is not enough.
We finished up with two signature brown rice rolls: Red Devil and First Crush. Both were good. First crush with the Fiji Apple was a little too sweet for cubes. I liked it, it was light. Red Devil had a little bit of a kick; as we were both pretty stuffed by the time the rolls came out, it was the only one that we polished off. We'll definitely order it again.
Do you like more traditional rolls (i.e. California Roll)?
Or do you walk on the wild side?
Bon Appetit!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.