Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Etsy Tuesday: Our Kitchen Towel Reveal

I haven't bought new kitchen towels in at least four years and I've never really put any thought into their design until now. The four designs I chose from three Etsy sellers reflect our love of cooking.
Whisk & Stir from Pony and Poppy
I went with Whisk and Stir from Pony and Poppy for the first set of towels. Of the three sets, these are the thickest weight -- very absorbent. In order to get the pattern to show, I need to fold the towels in thirds before I hang them. The unfortunate drawback to this is that the stripe is not visible.
Essential Herbs from Nesta Home
The second set of tea towels are from Nesta Home (an Etsy Seller whose Beer Towels I featured in my "Tending Bar" post last Tuesday). The Essential Herbs towel set represents herbs that are frequently used in our kitchen. I especially liked how when paired side by side the text increases in size and then decreases in size (or vice verse) across the words. The weight and color of these towels were exactly what I was expecting. With the exception of Rosemary, I'm able to show the herb names by folding the towels in half on the towel rack.
Flying Pigs & A Little Dirt Never Hurt from Oh, Little Rabbit
I first came across Oh, Little Rabbit in January 2011 (napkins illustrated with kitchen gadgets). Ever since then I've been looking for an excuse to purchase something from them. New kitchen towels were the perfect opportunity. The towels I purchased from them were whimsical, a flying pig, and carefree, "A Little Dirt Never Hurt." These towels are the thinnest of the bunch; good for buffing smudges off wine glasses but not best suited for drying dishes. The coloring on the towels in the product photos looked different, one a fire engine red and the other a bright, lipstick red. When they arrived both towels were the brighter red color. Not quite a match to the color palette I was going for. I like the prints, so I will use them to cover bread or popovers when serving family style meals.
Which set do you like best?
Bon Appetit!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.