Friday, June 15, 2012

Updating My Blogroll - Part 1

Last March when I took Blogging Your Way, we were advised that all blogs should include a blogroll and that we should view that blogroll as we would a garden: regularly visiting the recommended blogs and pruning any broken links. More importantly we were told to tell our readers why we followed those blogs.
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I haven't had a blogroll on this blog since I started combining my blogs in November. Last Thursday, Chelle of Everyday Polish tagged me in her Thursday Talkback: 11 Things post. This gave me the perfect opportunity to #FF eleven of my favorite bloggers in my 11 Things You Might Not Know About Me post and return to the task of updating my blogroll. With the exception of two blogs, I've been following most of these blogs for at least a year. Along with why I follow a blog, I've included their Twitter so that you can easily strike up a conversation. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Next Friday, I'll share why I follow the other six blogs. In the meantime, check out these five:
  1. The Demoiselle
      Magalie supplies my weekly dose of eye candy. I discovered her blog when #ThursdayPurseday was still a meme on Twitter. Since I started following her, she ran off and got married (she did not spend countless months and posts obsessively sharing the details, the breakdowns, etc.) and now shares inspiration for the home as well as more about her life in addition to wedding accessories. Twitter: @the_demoiselle.
  2. Inconceivable Life
      Sarah shares what happens when long lost love meets reality with no punches spared. I feel in love with her blog when she and I were both planning and blogging about our San Francisco weddings. (For a summary of her adventures read her The Wedding We Had Versus The Wedding We Planned post. I'm the one responsible for sharing an egg carton flower tutorial that she and her family spent countless days and nights following to make bouquets for their wedding.) As when planning their wedding, she blogs about everyday life - its joys, its uncertainties, and its sorrows. Her wit -- regardless of what she is writing about -- always leaves me reassured that she will indeed triumph. Twitter: @SFBudgetWedding.
  3. Inspirations by Ivy
      I started following Ivy's blog over a year ago after we were in BYW together last March. Ivy's photography drew my interest initially (she now has her own photography business!). It's her authenticity and willingness to share the highs and the lows of transitioning from a full-time mother to business owner that keeps me returning (and appreciating my mom more every day). Twitter: @IvesT.
  4. Jeremy and Kathleen
      Kathleen is not afraid to voice her opinions and touch taboo subjects (most recently The Period). Two years ago she made the leap that many creatives dream of -- leaving her dream job as senior art director at an advertising agency to strike it out on her own with her sister. She inspired me to let my personality and opinions out on my blog, Twitter, and so on. Her blog strikes a balance of work -- for example, she shares thoughts on estimating jobs as well as firing clients -- and life -- for example, Anatomy of an Outfit and What We Eat. (I love how she styles and annotates her food posts and as soon as I have enough tested recipes, I would love to collaborate with her on a cookbook.) Twitter: @andKathleen.
  5. Karma and Cupcakes (now blogging at Simple Style Notebook)
      I discovered Amy's blog, like Ivy's blog, through BYW when we attended the course together. Amy captures the beauty in every day and shares inspiration from local gardens. I also like that while a mother, Amy doesn't let her son Noah become the focus of her blog. Twitter: @BettyBartle.
How do you find new blogs to follow?
Happy Reading!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.