Friday, July 06, 2012

Dining In: Pad Thai Restaurant

Last night cubes wanted Thai. Craving Tom Yum soup -- something our last dining in experience lacked -- I went to Yelp in search of a new Thai restaurant and found Pad Thai Restaurant.
Pad Thai Restaurant: Our Favorites
For me, the Gang Khiaw Warn Curry with Chicken was the stand out dish. The flavor matched my expectations (exactly the same as the dish I make) perfectly. The chicken was moist, not stewed. The only criticism was that there could have been more chicken.
The other hit was Gung Gra-bog; with bacon, it was guaranteed to be yummy. Gung Gra-bog is bacon wrapped shrimp wrapped in a egg roll wrapper and deep fried. It was paired with a sweet chili sauce that I really liked.
The soup and Pad Thai were good, nothing out of the ordinary. The soup almost had the right flavor profile; a little more fish sauce was all it needed. Unlike many soups offered in the city it wasn't cloyingly sweet.
Pad Thai Restaurant: Review
With the exception of the Gang Khiaw Warn Curry nothing was spicy. We didn't specifically ask for a desired "hotness" level as I wanted to get a gauge of their default. The Larb Kai Salad and the Pad King Beef were good dishes. In each the flavors were even handed. I however prefer a little more kick and lime in my Larb and more forward ginger in my Pad King. Overall, Pad Thai Restaurant offers good food and I would order from them again.
What's Your Favorite Thai Restaurant?
Bon Appetit!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.