Monday, August 06, 2012

Sneak Peek: Our Split Bath

After what seemed like an eternity, Gates' nursery is almost done (check back next Monday for the big reveal). So, for August we move onto the bathroom!
A few things are missing from this room: a bathtub (my compromise); a mirror; a medicine cabinet; and under sink storage. On the plus side, the lack of under sink storage means less childproofing we need to do. On the flip side, our bathroom supplies have migrated to other rooms in the flat -- not particularly convenient.
For the missing storage, my mom and I have been looking into a few different options, and I think we may have a solution that will work. Stay tuned.
Were you faced with no cabinets in a bathroom?
How did you organize your lotions and potions?
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.