Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Road Trip: That Thing in the Desert

This Labor Day Weekend Gates stayed at her grandparents while we headed to Black Rock City, Nevada. Unlike previous trips, we didn't plan in advance -- decided a few weeks before the event to go -- and we didn't go for the full week.
Clouds over the desert on NV-447
We arrived Friday night just in time to see a spectacular sunset and shortly before a windstorm. With the exception of Friday night the weather for the rest of the weekend was mild. Saturday's heat was pleasant in comparison to other years; I was able to hang out in a tank top and pants until early afternoon when I exchanged pants for a skirt.
Ribbit! Inflatable Frog
In 2010, when cubes and I got married on the playa, a friend gifted us the best breakfast I'd ever had: lox with capers on a sourdough baguette. Because we were arriving late we wanted to share something unexpected with our campmates. We picked up Champagne, lox, capers, sourdough baguette, Triscuts, and Cypress Moon Purple Haze Goat Cheese. The nibbles, sans capers which we forgot in our tent, were well received.
The Man Burns
Saturday night the weather was great. We gathered with off duty EMS and hung out on the back of Bri's truck. It was nice to have the trucks as both a buffer and a landmark. While I remember my first burn, I don't remember the second. I know a dust storm came in but I can't picture how The Man burned. Our first burn The Man burned slowly with pieces falling to the base. This year The Man was engulfed in flames early and then as a whole fell sideways into the base. The base burn was spectacular, especially when the facade, an outline of flames, peeled off the supports and crashed to the ground.
Luxury at the Peppermill Resort and Spa in Reno
We ended our trip to the desert with a stay at the Peppermill Resort and Spa in Reno. This is the second time we've stayed here on our way back to the city. They have the best showers. The water pressure. The steam. Heaven.
The best unexpected benefit of going to the playa this year? How clean River (our Honda CRV) is.
Clean Honda CRV
What's your favorite part of vacationing?
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.