Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sneak Peek: Baby Friendly Flooring

Now that Gates is mobile we need a flooring solution that's easy to maintain and that she won't escape. Because we're renting our options are limited. The solution? Layered minky cuddle rugs.
Baby Friendly Rugs
When I was pregnant we got three waterproof bed pads for protecting our brand new mattress if my water broke while I was asleep. As Gates began rolling, I repurposed the pads to cover the rug in her room until we got it steam cleaned. An advantage we quickly discovered was that if Gates spit up we could toss the pad into the wash and switch it out with another.
Last week when cubes was in Portland for XOXO I finally got a chance to read the latest issue of Anthology. One of the spaces they showcased had hardwood floors covered in coordinated, layered area rugs. Immediately I thought this would be a great idea for covering the floor in Gates' nursery. I started looking for affordable, color coordinated rugs. I quickly decided that approach wouldn't work. First, too expensive. Second, the affordable materials would scratch up Gates' knees. Then I wondered what if I covered the waterproof bed pads with minky cuddle fabric. For $300 (plus my time sewing) we'll now have covering for her room as well as for the hardwood floor in the living room.
The best part about our solution? It's lightweight and easy to pack up. Why is this important? If we travel, we're able to grab a couple of the rugs to cover the floor of our hotel room. No need to worry about Gates crawling in dust or pesticides. Also, if Gates spits up, just grab the rug and toss it into the wash.
How have you dealt with rugs in a rental?
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.