Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reflections: While on The Road

Ever really been alone with yourself? You can learn a lot when you travel cross country by yourself with no radio, no distractions. I did just that the Summer of 2003.
Clouds over the desert on 447 #burningman2012 #nofilter #latergram
I promised to share the story behind why my blog is called "The Road to the Good Life," so here goes.
In the summer of 2003, I was offered an internship in San Diego. I packed up my stuff and started driving cross country from Michigan by way of Texas. When I hit the road, I didn't have a place to live. And after I left Houston, Texas, I was driving alone. I now had a potential apartment lined up, but no real plan other than showing up for work in less than five days.
From Texas to California, I picked places to stay based on when I was tired and needed to call it a night. I covered the distance between Texas and California in under two and a half days, arriving in La Jolla early. (My competitive streak in full force here after a couple of male friends stated it was a known fact guys could cover greater distances in a car faster than girls.)
From the time I received my offer to the time I arrived in La Jolla, I never thought twice about the details. My only thought was "I'm going to work in San Diego for the summer." I didn't think driving cross country without a place to live was anything out of the ordinary. I didn't think anything of it; it was just something that needed to be done. I didn't think what I was doing was special; anyone in my shoes would do the same.
Have you ever done something that completely changed your life?
Did you realize it at the time?
Others disagreed. They thought I was brave. Inspirational.
The more I shared my story, the more I realized not everyone would have done what I did. Then I saw what others saw. Then I thought what I did was motivating. Not for other people. For me. My story was inspiring to me. I wanted to always feel like I did when I started off on that cross country drive. Part excited. Part scared. Believing anything is possible.
Then I realized life's a journey. You don't have a set destination. My goal? Live life to the fullest. Have a good life. And that's when "The Road to The Good Life" was born.
I rewrote my About this Blog/Bio page this weekend to better reflect what this blog is about and how it started. Take a look and let me know what you think.
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Was it challenging to write?
Ciao Bella!
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