Friday, November 09, 2012

A Good Mail Day: Surprises from Alt Summit Sponsors

In need of inspiration? Hang out with creative entrepreneurs or plan to. It's not yet January, and Alt Summit SLC is already fueling creative fires.
For the past two years, each January I've wanted to be at Alt Summit. For a week, my favorite bloggers left their comfy, warm spots and headed to the snow touched streets of Salt Lake City. In January 2013, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I'll be one of those creatives descending on Salt Lake City.
For a Type A individual, getting one of the coveted tickets sets a high bar. Business cards need to be up to par. Branding needs to be consistent and authentic (no one should be surprised when they meet you in person). And... your blog must be ready. Just deciding to attend Alt Summit SLC gives you the kick in the pants you need to stop leaning in and just jump. But that's not all.
You're Invited... So many ideas! Thanks @BlurbBooks @AltSummit #altsummit
About a week ago, an unexpected yellow mailing tube arrived in the mail. More goodies were promised. The other day, an unexpected invitation from Blurb landed. And this latest surprise has my creative gears in overdrive!
A brief aside... if you're not aware, I LOVE Blurb. Being able to create "yearbooks" for vacations, work projects, and so on, is an obsession. Heck, I even designed Gates' monthly portrait so that I could easily make Hanukah gifts using Blurb's 7x7 book format. The invitation is for a book, but my mind is spinning with ideas for their new offerings: magazines and brochures.
Okay back on track. Why are my creative gears in overdrive? Because Alt Summit has given me all sorts of ideas about capturing the interest of network engineers who attend tradeshows I exhibit at.
Organizers of events targeted for software or marketing professionals should look at what Alt Summit is doing. Now, I've never been to Alt Summit so I don't know if they have the traditional door hangers for hotel guests, lanyards, and so on. (In previous years, they did have the traditional schwag "bag" (photo) for attendees at registration.) But, what I do know is this:
  • Attendees are already getting a taste of Salt Lake City -- literally with Kara Chocolates.
  • Attendees are already talking about sponsors.
  • Attendees are experiencing sponsors' products and services and will be talking about those experiences now -- before January, at the conference in January, and after.
Down to my last two @Karaschocolates from my surprise package from @AltSummit. Can't wait for Jan!
Think the audience for your customer conference or user group wouldn't respond favorably to treats from sponsors? Take a look at your registered attendees and find out who has blogs.
Regardless of industry, people who are passionate about what they do like to talk about what they do. Network engineers -- especially wireless -- are no different. (The bloggers we hosted at our company for Wireless Field Day electrified our company.) Have a new product you want them to try out? Offer it no strings attached with no expectations, like Blurb did. You may be surprised by the energy and excitement that follows on your team, throughout your company, and beyond.
Planning an intimate destination wedding? A big birthday celebration? There's many different things you can do to build excitement. For out of town guests what about sending some of your favorite treats? For our wedding, we could have sent a couple of Happy Goat Caramels. A more low cost option, take instagram photos of favorite spots around town, create stickers, print a map, and send the stickers and maps to guests. Do something special at the reception for the guests who complete the map.
How do you get guests excited about a party?
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.