Monday, November 12, 2012

Dining Out: Mission Beach Cafe on Election Night

Tuesday night cubes and I shared a rare date night. While our friends Helen and Icka watched Gates, we headed back to our old neighborhood and one of our favorite haunts: Mission Beach Cafe.
Dining Out: Election Night Date Night at Mission Beach Cafe
Like the other diners in the restaurant our occasional sanfransocializing focused on checking in on the presidential election as well as local and state measures. Mostly we put our phones away, except for me to photograph our food. (I'm a little out of practice as the photos did not do the presentation justice.)
cubes started with the seasonal soup: a butternut squash soup with herb oil, apple, and creme fraiche. Unfortunately for me the chef had used butter and cream. Their vegan version of this soup is my all-time Fall favorite.
For me, the star of the meal was the grilled flatbread of the day. Crisp thin flatbread smeared with romesco sauce and topped with pancetta, goat cheese, braised greens, arugula, and Sheep's Milk parmesan. The sweetness of the romesco sauce provided a nice counterbalance to the saltiness of the pancetta, goat cheese, and parmesan, and the bitterness of the arugula. This combination of flavors and textures has me wanting to unpack our pizza stone and try this at home. Knowing that I had an entree coming I had to pace myself. I easily consumed half of the flatbread and was about to devour cubes' remaining slice.
I ordered the Maine Diver Scallops for my entree (they're also available as an appetizer). The chef modified the presentation for me switching out the sunchoke puree which had dairy in it. The scallops were paired with truffled mushrooms and a chicory and apple salad. I think I detected a hint of rice vinegar in the dressing, but I couldn't figure out what else was there. I'll definitely order the dish again.
cubes was in the mood for pasta. He ordered the housemade semolina ravioli. It was stuffed with bloomsdale spinach and fromage blanc sauced with and early girl tomato cream, and topped with basil and fried shallots.
For once cubes and I almost ordered the perfect amount of food. (One slice of flatbread went home with us.) Catching up with the staff at Mission Beach Cafe, eating good food, and spending time together without Gates made for the perfect date night.
How did you spend Election Night?
Bon Appetit!
Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.