Friday, November 02, 2012

Temporarily Moving while the Office Gets a Makeover

Over the next few weeks, our office space is getting a makeover. Nothing drastic--just fresh paint and new carpet. There's two ways to look at the makeover: a minor inconvenience or a chance for a fresh start.
Ready and waiting for our stuff
To facilitate, the work we're moving into a conference room temporarily, and that means packing. This is the inconvenient part of the process. It also means cleaning, sorting, and recycling or tossing unneeded files, magazines, banners with old logos, and more.
When the dust had settled, I'd packed six moving crates. I'd also recycled two drawers of files from 2004 through 2006 that predate me at the company. In the process, I found part of a project we did in 2006 that applies for a project today.
How do you approach moves?
As an inconvenience or an opportunity?
All the packing has me ready for weekend! I hope everyone has a good weekend lined up. For those with me on the Mindful Consumption Challenge, if your weekend plans include going to the mall, remember to take your wardrobe and home shopping lists. It feels good to check items off of a to do list (or as I like to call it, my Scavenger Hunt Instructions), and you'll be less likely to buy something you hadn't budgeted for and don't need.
Ciao Bella!
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