Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make: Look Outside for Inspiration

I've taken Justin Hackworth's Using Photography to Grow Your Blog class via Alt Summit twice now. Each time something different has stood out.
Last week's class inspired today's mantra: "Be you. Avoid Comparison. Be original."
Sunday Scramble: Be you. Avoid Comparison. Be original. Inspired by @JustinHackworth @AltSummit
Thursday, Justin was talking about sources of inspiration while Gates was riveted to the computer screen. His advice to an intimate audience of bloggers was not to look for inspiration in the blogging world. He cautioned to avoid comparing yourself and your blog to other bloggers and blogs. Why? Because subconsciously you start writing or formatting your work like theirs; you run the risk of being less original and more of a me too.
How Design regularly shares exercises designed to help you jump start your creativity. One of my favorite posts, Overcome Unhealthy Creative Expectations by Todd Henry, gives two additional cautions to Justin's: comparisons to your own work and others' opinions.
So how do you get inspired?
Share your tips in the comments.
Justin advised all -- not just bloggers -- to look outside their industry for inspiration. For photography inspiration, when I was learning (and still today) my mother had me study painters, nature, textiles, and more. I hope I will be similarly able to teach my daughter. In the meantime, the message boards in her room will share an abbreviated version of Justin's advice.
Throughout the week the letters will get rearranged. If you'd like to play along, check out the rules and share your combinations in the comments below. There are no prizes other than the pride of the leader board.
Ciao Bella!
P.S. If you need proof to give your boss as to why a corporate blog should use non-stock images, check out Roger Dooley's Persuade with Pictures blog post. (I met Roger at EmMeCon in San Francisco in 2011. If you're in social media or marketing, it is the conference to go to. Small, intimate. Good 1:1 discussions with speakers. Cutting edge applications.)
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