Monday, January 28, 2013

Mapping Mileposts on The Road to The Good Life

Socrates once said, "the unexamined life is not worth living." This blog is where I chronicle my quest for "The Good Life," or in other words, examine my life. In writing the first Dispatches from The Station, one of my passion projects, I realized I don't always do a good job with sharing the how of what I've learned. Today I'm going to work to correct that.
Mapping The Road to The Good Life
Each time I decide whether or not to do something or to buy something, I have a set of mileposts that I consider. I hadn't really codified my thought process until I began working on Dispatches from The Station to bring to Blurb's mini-party at Alt Summit.
When I sat down and thought about how would I describe The Road to The Good Life, or myself, to strangers I realized the first missive was starting in the middle. Documenting our "good life" in three month periods, highlighting memorable meals, road trips, and so on doesn't make much sense without how we got where we are. I immediately realized I needed to start at the beginning. No, not with my birth. And not with the birth of Gates. But with a birth, the birth of this blog (abbreviated version can be found on the About page).
While I didn't begin work on my page layouts for my missive until January, in November I began gathering posts from the blog and editing them to tell a story. A story of how this blog was born. And, more than that, a story of how I realized the road to the good life isn't about wants, but instead, about haves. I came up with 18 types of activities, events, and misadventures that make up my road map.
Like most people, I can't say I'm always on the right road, sometimes I take wrong turns or hit roadblocks (like forgetting a step in producing my Blurbbook), but I do have a lot of fun. Today I'm sharing my mileposts. Going forward on the last Monday of every month, I'll be sharing the stories behind my mileposts. I hope you enjoy this new feature.

18 Mileposts along The Road to The Good Life

Are you looking to find what "The Good Life" means to you? Follow (or adapt) these 18 mileposts to suit your needs. Maybe we’ll meet somewhere between Point A to Point B.
  1. Point A: Start anew with each sunrise.
  2. Ask for directions when necessary; don't expect the answers you thought you were looking for.
  3. Explore your envy; you may find your way.
  4. Experience new things.
  5. Seek the impossible; no one knows what's possible until someone does it first and succeeds.
  6. Welcome butterflies into your stomach.
  7. Do that thing that scares you the most; then do the next thing, and the next.
  8. Strike out without a destination.
  9. Get lost -- literally get lost.
  10. Once discovered, train for your mountain summit.
  11. Be prepared for anything.
  12. Dress however makes you comfortable.
  13. Make every meal count.
  14. Acquire memories, not stuff, they weigh less and cost less to house or to store.
  15. Spin a good yarn.
  16. Stop and enjoy the view.
  17. Take a different path home, you never know what you'll find and you'll confuse followers.
  18. Point B: Celebrate the end of each day with a sunset; you've earned it.

Will you join me on the road to The Good Life?
Ciao Bella!
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