Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Best of 2012: The Top Ten Posts

As humans we can't help it. We look for validation in what we do in numbers. How many people viewed my post today? How many people commented? If all is quiet, we wonder is anyone out there. The end of a year is the perfect time to look back on what worked and what didn't work.
Go For It!
By the numbers, you (and SEO) seem to like the posts where my personality comes through and I'm keeping it real, whether it's a struggle to find inspiration, educational artwork for Gates' nursery wall, what I'm getting in the mail, or my challenge to be happy with what I have.

Top Ten Posts from 2012

Here are the top ten posts from 2012 by popularity:
  1. DIY: Magnetic Message Boards
  2. Join me for the Mindful Consumption Challenge
  3. Sunday Scramble: Look Outside for Inspiration
  4. Thursday Purseday: Bring on the Orange
  5. Reflections: Pulling the Family Card
  6. Thursday Tools: Toss that Resume for a Graphical Bio
  7. A Good Mail Day: Unsolicited Information Overload
  8. Tuesday Shoesday: Fun in the Sun
  9. Font Friday: Awash in Watercolor
  10. Thursday Purseday: Fun in the Sun
Did your favorite post make the cut?

Focus Changes for 2013

Four Font Friday posts tied for the eleventh spot, so I'll be bringing Font Fridays back in 2013. As you know, I'm obsessed with letters, rearranging a mix of typefaces weekly on Gates' wall (and other metal surfaces), and peppering our rooms with items sporting retro and sans serif fonts.
What do you like seeing featured on the blog?
With the exception of my post about Vizify, social media topics weren't that popular on the blog. They're not really on topic, experiences and items that make a good life, so they'll be moving to my soon to be relaunched business blog.
Ciao Bella!
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