Sunday, January 20, 2013

Upping Your Game: Achieving Goals at Alt Summit Starts with a Plan

I admit it. Lately, I've been a one subject girl. Alt-this. Alt-that. I get that you're sick of it. But, it's a big deal. A really big deal for me.
How I'm going to win at Alt
What's the big deal about Alt? Not counting life events, such as getting married or having Gates, attending Alt Summit SLC this week ranks in my top three. The other two events? Yearbook camp in high school and my first Burning Man. Both of those events changed my life.
  • I landed my first job in tech because someone saw the print out of my neatly laid out and illustrated notes from my Geology class -- skills I learned at Yearbook camp.
  • I got engaged at Burning Man, but also learned that no matter how well prepared you are for something you've never done, to survive takes a community.
Will Alt have a similar impact? Who knows.
Never heard of Alt? Having never been and based solely on accounts I've read or heard, Alt is an indoor, micro-sized version of Burning Man with branded sponsors (the sponsors are there in the desert they just don't use their logos). It's a place for creatives who focus on making the everyday a little more special. Just like at Burning Man, participants obsess about what they're going to wear. Unlike, Burning Man, it's dust free and tribal fashion free. (And, hopefully free from any trips to the med tent due to heat exhaustion, dehydration, or over hydration.)
I have two measurable and achievable goals to guide my experience at Alt:
  1. Finding collaborators (sponsors or other bloggers) to bring my passion projects to life
  2. Coming away with ideas and concrete actions for improving my content and my online conversations
To achieve my first goal I have to put the effort in before I get to Salt Lake City if I expect results. So, I've been hard at work:
  • Narrowing the focus of the blog to four key components of a good life: Home, Family, Food, and Fashion
  • Rolling out a new design for the blog that is true to its roots
  • Revising my About page
  • Cleaning up my Pinterest boards
  • Updating the Facebook page for the blog
  • Building and growing a supportive community
  • Creating business cards that spark a conversation in person and after the fact
  • Executing sample passion projects that showcase my marketing skills
  • Establishing an editorial calendar
This week's posts will be Alt-themed, from what I'm bringing -- business cards, my Blurbbook -- to what I'm wearing. Next week, we'll be back to the regular calendar: home and family focus on Monday, fashion on Tuesday and Thursday, food and family focus on Wednesday, fonts on Friday, and random musings on Sunday. So, hang in there just a little longer.
For those who wonder where I've gotten my vintage wardrobe from, I'm going to share my sources in this week's posts. And yes, every outfit I wear at Alt will have at least one vintage, retro or thrifted item.
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.