Friday, February 08, 2013

DIY: Valentine's Day Heart Coupon Book

Today's Font Friday is a little different. Instead of rounding up some of my favorite romantic fonts in time for Valentine's Day, I decided to offer a DIY for anyone who hasn't yet planned something special for Valentine's Day using one of my favorite fonts: Bradley Hand ITC.
Heart Coupon Book
First some housekeeping. Typically my husband cubes doesn't typically read my blog daily. But. You never know. Cubes: in case this is the day, the post, you decide to read. Stop now. Or, if you chose to keep reading, please act surprised on Valentine's Day. For everyone else, who may be short on time and want to do something creative and low cost for their loved one, read on.
Valentine's Day is in six days. Depending on the city you live in, it may already be too late to get that dinner reservation at your favorite restaurant. Or, you may want to do something more personal, something crafty.

What You Need

What You Need to Create a Heart Coupon Book
If you have twenty minutes, five sheets of paper, one sheet of colored paper or construction paper (you can also use regular paper for this in a pinch), a computer, a color printer, scissors, a stapler, and a pen, you can make a Heart Coupon Book. Download your free Heart Coupon Book template (PDF).

How to Create Your Book

How To Create a Heart Coupon Book for Valentine's Day
  1. Download your Heart Coupon Book (PDF) to get started.
  2. Print out your Heart Coupon Book, selecting the double-sided printing option on your printer. The template has been created so that the front and backs of the hearts align.
  3. If your printer doesn't do double-sided printing, print one cover and five coupon fronts. And, then load your printer with the five coupon fronts and print the backs. The only tricky part with this DIY is making sure you have the paper in the printer the right way to print your gifts on the back of the coupon hearts.
  4. Optionally, instead of using the provided coupon backs, make your own. I made my coupons family friendly, you can personalize yours more. Also, feel free to add caveats. If you don't cook, switch out breakfast in bed with bringing your loved one their favorite coffee drink or tea. If you customize your coupons be sure to write inside the hearts, otherwise when you cut out the heart you'll cut off your gift.
  5. Optionally, personalize your coupon book. Make each coupon unique. Use markers, crayons, stickers -- whatever you have on hand -- to decorate the hearts. Remember that anything outside the heart won't be in the final book.
  6. Carefully cut out each heart. If you're in a hurry, you can stack the hearts and slowly cut out all of them. Make sure that the paper doesn't slip as you're cutting.
  7. Arrange the hearts in the order you want them to appear in your final book.
  8. Put the covers on the top and the bottom of your book.
  9. Staple your book together.
  10. Address your Heart Coupon Book to your loved one.
  11. Put your completed Heart Coupon Book in a safe place until Valentine's Day, and then on the 14th, put on your loved one's pillow or at their seat at the breakfast table.
What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
This DIY turned out to be challenging for me as I kept wanting to embellish the coupon book. A little glitter here. Some hand stitched edges there. But, my goal when I thought of the project was to create something anyone, in a pinch, could make, with supplies they have on hand. I mean, how many of us have glitter in our office? If you use this DIY, I'd love if you share what you did.
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life.
Get the Font: To give my hearts a more personal feel, I selected Bradley Hand ITC TT. It's available from a number of places. has the family for $89.