Friday, February 22, 2013

Font Fun: A Trip to the Zoo

On Monday, we joined my parents for a morning at The Zoo. Our day trip and one of Gates' toys has me planning a Zoo Animal-themed party for her birthday in April.
Watching the Lemurs
Monday was Gates' second time to the zoo and her first time really being able to see the animals and to people watch. (We alternated having her in the Ergo and the Chicco KeyFit 30 when we went on Christmas Eve.) Lots of people had the same idea. Luckily, we're members so we were able to breeze past the long lines (which started shortly after 10:00AM).
The day was overcast and the highs weren't out of the 50s, so we were glad for the cozy fleece foot muff. Many of the animals were inside, or, like the lemurs, huddled together for warmth. Gates definitely enjoyed herself until she got a little too cold (we didn't have mittens for her hands and she didn't want to keep them inside the muff) and wanted to be held. When we got home, Gates played with her giraffes and elephants.
One of Gates' Favorite Toys: My Elephant Tuppertoy
Among Gates' favorite toys are a set of vintage Tuppertoy elephants, giraffes, and dogs. One of each animal are actually mine from when I was a kid and played with by both my sister and me.
When planning a party, I like to grab items from around the house to use in centerpieces. So, seeing Gates playing with her elephant on Wednesday had me thinking of a Zoo Animal theme for her first birthday party. I shared a couple of photos of Gates playing with two of her favorite toys and asked friends via Seesaw to help me choose. Zoo Animals were the clear winner.
Where do you go for party inspiration?
Zoo-Themed Fonts for a 1st Birthday Party
Get the Fonts: KR A Day at the Zoo (for personal use only); Waltzing Matilda (commercial use permitted); LMS Zoo and Aquarium Life (for personal use only); Zoologic (for personal use only).
As we need a bunting banner to hang from our staircase, stickers for identifying people's drink cups, and more, I pulled a couple of zoo-themed fonts as well as dingbats for the party decor. Which bunting font do you prefer? KT A Day at the Zoo or Waltzing Matilda?
Want to participate in the planning of Gates' first birthday party (or the first Family Dinner at The Station)? Follow me on Seesaw. You can voice your opinion anonymously or better create your own account and any time I share a decision you'll know immediately.
Ciao Bella!
Credits: All layouts designed by and images taken by Eden Hensley Silverstein for The Road to the Good Life. Font Fun is a monthly series showcasing a roundup of free fonts or featuring a free printable with a favorite font.