Monday, February 04, 2013

In the Moment: Three Generations Watching the Super Bowl

Our neighborhood last night after the San Francisco Forty Niners lost the Super Bowl was eerily quiet. Garbage trucks, usually only seen in the mornings, cruised the streets. San Francisco had survived the Niners in the Super Bowl. More specifically The Mission survived.
Super Bowl XLVII
Every once in awhile the Super Bowl and my birthday fall on the same day. The last time this happened, I lived in Austin, TX, and threw an amazing Super Bowl party. We borrowed the projector from work and watched the game two stories tall. Of course, we had BBQ, so for my birthday celebration and Gates' first Super Bowl, BBQ was a no brainer. We picked up catering from Sneaky's BBQ, and cubes fetched pies from Mission Pie for dessert.
Our Sneaky's BBQ
For the most part, Gates was more interested in her toys than the game. My parents have a toddler storage unit set up for Gates in the middle of the living room, filled with toys, although she'd occasionally pause from play and enthusiastically cheer the Niners on. Gates finally went down for a nap about the time the power went out in New Orleans, so she missed the most exciting part of the game. That worked out well for us adults as we were able to focus on the game.
Gates Watches the Niners Intently
We were a little worried after the game about whether or not we'd be able to get back to The Station. Earlier in the day, as we headed to my parents' house, cops were patroling and tow trucks were removing cars from 24th Street. There was more traffic leaving the city than coming in. It looked like the Zombie Apocalypse was finally upon us. On our return drive, the only delay we ran into was that our street was temporarily blocked off by a traffic cop. As we lived on the street, more specifically right at the corner, we were able to convince him to let us pass. (A good thing as Gates was fussing and ready for bed.)
Traditional Apple Pie and Vegan Ginger Apple Pie
All in all, I had a good birthday, even having time right before we were heading out the door to get crafty. I mean hey, a party's not a party unless you have themed printables.
What did you do this weekend?
Bon Appetit!
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