Friday, February 15, 2013

Virtual Hugs to Five Amazing Women

Blogging is at the same time incredibly personal and in-your-face public. When I hit publish I never know whether or not someone will comment. I don't know whether people who read it think I'm crazy. So, when Holly Becker suggested giving our favorite bloggers a virtual hug, I was in.
Five Bloggers Who Inspire Me
Here are five bloggers who make my days brighter:
  • Nicole of Making It Lovely: The first homework assignment of Blogging Your Way had us identify five blogs we read that we couldn't be like. I loved Nicole's blog for how open she was about her life. In my journal, I noted I couldn't be like her because I didn't have children and I wasn't likely to own a home in this lifetime. Since then, I've taken two Blogging Your Way classes that Nicole co-taught. I've learned so much from her; where this blog is today is due to her help and guidance. (At Alt, I got incredibly tongue tied and barely managed to say thank you.)
  • Kathleen of Jeremy and Kathleen: I knew Kathleen and I could be kindred spirits when I read her story of hopping in a boat with a stranger and going on an adventure. (I have a similar story from when I lived in Austin.) I loved how she lets her personality shine in her blog and at work. Having worked in many corporate environments where someone was always commenting on how I was dressed or how I was acting, I've often felt like I've lived two lives -- what you see at work and what you see when I'm just being me. This past Fall I got the opportunity to take a series of eCourses that Tara (Kathleen's sister) and Kathleen offered on personal branding, content curation, and customer focus, which has helped me merge my personal and my professional lives. If you ever need a kick in the pants to do something that scares you, check out Kathleen's blog.
Crafting Thank You Cards
  • Lisa of With Style and Grace: Lisa's enthusiasm for her first and her second Alt convinced me that I really really should go to Alt. I've followed her blog -- and her -- through two (soon to be three) moves, the launch of her coaching business, and the birth of her son. I haven't commented on her blog in awhile, interacting lately on Twitter and Instagram, but she still continues to inspire me, especially with how she's blending talk of her son Mason on her blog.
  • Ez of Creature Comforts: I first learned of Alt through Ez. She wrote about getting to go to Alt and speak. None of the other bloggers I followed then were talking about Alt. I looked up the conference and thought I wasn't ready yet. It gave me the motivation to work towards getting my brand and my blog to a place where I'd be ready for Alt. This year was my first Alt, I'd hoped to run into Ez to thank her in person for positively impacting my life, but our paths didn't cross. Maybe they will in California; she's moving to where I used to spend summers and some of my family still lives.
  • Melissa of Lulu the Baker: Melissa was one of my roommates at Alt this year. Over the fall and winter I started following her blog and let me say this, I wish I lived in Oregon. She's the type of person that makes everyone feel welcome. Co-hosting Hello Social with Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel so that all of us first timers wouldn't feel overwhelmed, and surprising me with a welcome basket filled with goodies, baked waffle cookies (which I managed not to wolf down in one seating, so delicious), honey from her farm (I've never known anyone who raised bees before!), and more.
How do you recognize those who inspire you?
Ciao Bella!
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