Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buy a Cup for a Cop, a Fire Fighter, or a First Responder

Whether you know a cop, a fire fighter, or a first responder or whether you have ever sought one out, they have been there for you. They are the quiet unsung heroes who keep us safe and are at the ready to help us should an emergency arise. Sadly, we often only think of them in times of crisis, like the Boston Marathon bombings and suspect capture last week. So, join Maddy Hague of Somewhere Splendid, me, and others in thanking your local cops, fire fighters, or first responders.
Buy a Cup of Coffee for a Cop // Graphic designed by Maddy Hague of Somewhere Splendid
Maddy's made participating super simple.
What to Do: Buy a cup of coffee for a local fire fighter, police officer, or other first responder when you come across one. Approach them and explain that you’d like to buy them a cup of coffee out of appreciation for their service, and ask what they’d like or have them escort you to a coffee shop. On the run, or shy? Get a gift card with the approximate value of a cup of coffee (or more!) to a local or chain coffee shop and keep it on hand. Visit Somewhere Splendid (update 9/4/14: link removed; blog is now offline) for a printable to include with your gift card.
Spread the Word: Let everyone know you’re participating so we can engage more people. If you have a blog, post a note about it. If you’ve bought a cup of coffee for someone, Instagram it with the hashtag #cupsforcops – share your gift card photos, too!
Why am I participating? Because I still remember how here in the Bay Area, cops, fire fighters, and first responders helped us after the 1989 earthquake. Everyone was scared. Even those of us who should have been able to keep our wits (I was working at a structural engineering firm) panicked. All we thought of was fleeing the building we were in and getting home to loved ones. Cops, fire fighters, and first responders have loved ones too, but they rush in to keep all of us safe, not just their loved ones. I'm not quite brave enough to walk up to a cop, fire fighter, or first responder and ask to buy them a cup of coffee so I'll be grabbing a few gift cards and dropping them off at a local precinct and fire station along with a note.
Thank your local cops, fire fighters, or first responders
for all that they do.

I hope you'll join us. I felt so strongly about saying thank you that this message is my 500th post.
Ciao Bella!
Credits: Graphic designed by Maddy Hague of Somewhere Splendid for Buy a Cup for a Cop. (Update 9/4/14: links removed; blog is now offline.)
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